PHP Beyond the Web

While doing some casual reading at the news site slashdot, I stumbled at an article that got my attention titled "Free (Gratis) Version of Windows Could Be a Reality Soon". As always, the user comments are really fun to read so I was ready with my bag of popcorn for some action show. Many comments mentioned that it could be a strategy from Microsoft to compete with the rising start Chrome OS, also a way to steal some google search market by trying to reach more users with bing which would be shipped by default on the speculated free version of windows, with some special kind of browser or shell. So as a google search user myself, I opened on ...

Forums Back Online

Today I took some time to write a small sqlite_* compatibility layer for phpbb3 that uses new PDO in order to access the database. I converted the old database from version 2 to version 3 of sqlite and everything seems to be working just fine. This compatibility layer was needed because all sqlite_* functions where dropped from newer php versions and trying to compile the old sqlite module produced some errors. If you find any errors while using the forum please report a issue.

Visualization of Development

Getting a little bit bored of day to day work I found about the Gource project (a tool to visualize a code repository). I got really curious as how wxPHP development would look after visualizing it with this tool. So I did some ffmpeg x11grab and put it together on kdenlive with an old audio mix I didsome time ago, and here is the result:
I wish the amount of contributors for this project was bigger but a lot has been achieved in spare time :D, until the next one! (by the way, the quality can be raised up to 1080)

New Release!

Happy holidays to everyone! I spend some time these days working on wxPHP and finally I'm happy to announce the version which is based on wxWidgets 3.0.0 as you can notice on the version scheme. So for those people still interested on doing some PHP GUI development here is a list with some of the changes: Updated debianization scripts. Fix for issue #25, returned object properties are now initialized. Added netbeans project in tools directory. Enabled wxMediaCtrl, wxMediaEvent and wxURI. Fixes to Fixes to make the GUI binding utility work again. Added SetItem/GetItem to wxDataViewEvent which fixes issue #8 Blacklisted wxFSW_EVENT_UNMOUNT from the wxFSWFlags. Removed duplicated classes.json copy to json dir. Fixed bug (typo) in xml_parser.php which caused functions ...


These holidays some work has been ongoing in wxPHP and one of this is support for building the extension under archlinux. The PKGBUILD script was uploaded to the ArchLinux User Repository which you can find on: To install it you can use a package manager that supports aur like yaourt yaourt -S php-wxwidgets-git We are preparing a wxPHP release and as soon as it is ready we will announce it through this medium with the list of fixes and additions. Happy Christmas to everyone!

New Developer and Mac OSX Bundle

New developer I welcome Thomas Sahlin to the team who did various contributions for the past days to improve and fix some of the issues he found on wxPHP. Also he started porting the samples from wxWidgets into wxPHP. Here is some of the work he has done already: Modified code_generator to include more constants Enabled function wxGetNumberFromUser Added wxLog* functions Added a fix for functions returning wxFont objects Ported wxStatusBar sample from C++ Speed optimizations in derivationsOfClass and inherits_from_class. To see a detailed view of the source changes see the commits log at Mac OSX Lion 64 Bits Build A wxphp user by the nickname ydk2app has created a tutorial on the forums that explains how to create a mac bundle accompanied ...

Happy Christmas! Version Released

First of all Happy Christmas to all! On the past days I took some time to make some builds with the most recent changes and tag them as on the github repository. I added builds for Raspbian (the official linux distribution for the raspberry pi), Ubuntu 12.10 and Microsoft Windows (based on php 5.4.10). I would love to provide MacOSX builds, but haven't been able to create an installer (any help on this is highly appreciated). The downloads as always are stored on, you can access them by going to the downloads section or visiting our sourceforge site. Here is a list of changes taken directly from the github repository: Added template.rc that includes wxWidgets resources for windows build. Fixed inno setup ...

PEG a php extension generator

Recently I started working on a generic extension generator for PHP based on the current wxphp one. The actual wxphp generator was heavily modified by me from older versions to support many new features (like templates) as be more easy to work with. Still the code isn't friendly at all, but the task of updating the old generator served to understand better how things were been done, as learning how to develop PHP modules/extensions. The idea of PEG is to create a code generator that can be used by anyone wanting to wrap a C/C++ library with minimum coding required. The main features of the generator are going to be: Clean code base in PHP for anyone to work with. Import of ...

PHP 5.4 Version Uploaded (dll only)

Hi everyone! After several request to build wxPHP for PHP 5.4 on windows I took the time and did it on a hurry :D I forgot to change internal version from to since this build includes latest fixes for windows as some other minor improvements. Later I will try to put up a windows installer with latest PHP 5.4 included, for the moment been, here is the stand alone dll for non thread safe version of php 5.4: Enjoy!

Code Completion Interface File

Today I created a php scrip that generates an interface wxwidgets.php file that can be used by any IDE with code completion support like Eclipse, NetBeans, etc... You would just need to drop the interface file on your projects root directory and you will get code completion for wxWidgets constants, functions, classes/methods/constants. By the way, I gave today a try to NetBeans to see if performance was better than Eclipse and I was surprised of how easy to use and less bloated is. Also it has great PHP code completion. So here is a screenshot showing code completion by using the wxwidgets.php interface file: Check the download section for latest interface file. Enjoy!