wxPHP AppImage

So with all the fuzz about Canonical Snaps and RedHat Flatpak I also learned about AppImage. Since I haven't found the time to port wxPHP to PHP 7 I decided it was a good idea to create an appimage of it that includes latest php 5 version which is 5.6.23 at the time of writing this. The advantage here is that in this way we don't have to care about distro specific packaging and the appimage should work on most of the existing linux distributions, also I don't have to worry for the moment about PHP 7 since the appimage embeds a copy of PHP 5. It is recommended to compile the AppImage on a old distro but since I have ...

Short on time

wxPHP downloads in last 7 days
Lately I have noticed that people has left messages on IRC, forums as some new issues opened on the wxPHP github page. As mentioned before, I started working on this in order to have a customizable, clean and centralized piece of software that could be used by others to automate the process of wrapping C/C++ libraries (wxWidgets included), but lately I haven't got anytime to work on it or even check the wxphp issues reported on github. Would be nice if people started helping each other by responding to issues on github or replying on the wxPHP forums where several questions have been asked but not responded. Since I adopted this project I have been working on it mostly solo, ...

Compiling for Raspberry Pi from Odroid U2/U3

When I bought my raspberry pi I got the B model first version. This version suffers a lot from power and usb issues even with an external powered usb hub. As a consequence my pi started to lock down so I couldn't build wxPHP for the Pi. I was preparing to put it to rest, but I noticed the arm deb for raspbian of previous version was downloaded more than 100 times. I decided to give it a go and try to compile for the pi using Qemu, for those that may be using wxPHP on their Pi's. After searching the Internet for howto's about "raspbian on qemu", I found I needed a special kernel compiled for qemu, as the ...

New Release!

This is the announcement for wxPHP v3.0.2.0 which fixes various issues as described on the changes list. Thanks to all who reported errors and contributed with pull request. For available binary builds check the downloads section. Changes * Updated the thread.php example to work properly. * Remove delete on the wxThread garbage collector function, which should fix most issues on #84. * Modified wxWindow::GetHandle to return the XWindowID on Gtk which should really fix #86. * Enabled wxWindow::GetHandle by casting WXWidget to size_t. * Enabled wxOutputStream::Write and wxInputStream::Read variations that take a 'void* buf' as argument which should fix issue #87 * Updated version numbers and added userland version constants: WXWIDGETS_LIBRARY_VERSION and WXWIDGETS_EXTENSION_VERSION. * Added --with-wxwidgets-version to ...

wxPHP Mailing List

Thanks to Chris Harvey we now have a wxPHP mailing list set on google groups. You can send your questions for discussion at: wxphp [at] googlegroups [dot] com Also you can navigate the list of current discussions by visiting:!forum/wxphp We hope to make the best out of this communications medium!

Procedural programming style using wxPHP

Hi everyone, I just added a beginners introductory guide of wxPHP using a procedural programming style on the docs section, which was written by Dave Kimble. The guide is focused for people using Ubuntu as for those that prefer a procedural programming style, but the concepts and information on it should help you getting started with wxPHP, even if you are on other OS or linux distro as if you prefer an object oriented approach. The guide is really helpful, if you don't have any previous experience with the wxWidgets make sure to check it out. Kudos to Dave Kimble for his work!

Raspberry Pi Raspbian Binary Build

I took some time to build wxPHP v3.0.0.2 for Raspbian natively on the Pi which took a lot of hours, but it is finally here. You can get it on the downloads section. I hope this build can be of use and fun to some. Enjoy!

v3.0.0.2 Binaries and Installers

Note: This release also includes v3.0.0.1 fixes and changes which never saw a binary release. Binary builds/installers of wxPHP version are now available for download for the following platforms: Ubuntu 14.04 32/64 bits Windows XP and up (PHP 5.4 x86 build) Windows Vista and up (PHP 5.5 x64 build) Mac OS X 10.9 64 bit Raspberry Pi (Raspbian) Check the downloads section for more details.

New Release!

This is the announcement for wxPHP v3.0.0.2 which mostlyfixes Mac OSX related stuff as other issues described on the changes list. Thanks to all who recently contributed with pull request, which nicks are listed on the changes list. Installing from PECL This release includes support for automatically building wxWidgets on Mac. The pecl installer will ask you if building for Mac, so make sure to type yes if you are on that platform. For those who don't know how to install from pecl, you would need to execute: pecl install wxwidgets If building from source the new config.m4 file will take care of downloading and building wxWidgets as linking statically to it, so after running phpize this will do: ./configure or ./configure --enable-wxwidgets-macosx For ...

New Release!

This is the announcement for wxPHP v3.0.0.1 which fixes lots of memory leaks and other issues as described on the changes list. This release would not have been possible without the help of Dave Kimble, who dedicated a lot of time hunting/reporting bugs with minimal sample code to easily pinpoint the errors. PECL Source Package For the first time I was also able to deal with packaging the files for so it should be pretty easy now for people trying the extension for the first time since config.m4 has the neccesary instructions to automatically build the wxWidgets library and link to it. You would need to execute: pecl install wxwidgets The only drawback is that I haven't added automatic building of wxWidgets ...