New Release!

Created by: jgmdev
Date: 04/08/2014 @ 9:30:04 am
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This is the announcement for wxPHP v3.0.0.2 which mostly fixes Mac OSX related stuff as other issues described on the changes list. Thanks to all who recently contributed with pull request, which nicks are listed on the changes list.

Installing from PECL

This release includes support for automatically building wxWidgets on Mac. The pecl installer will ask you if building for Mac, so make sure to type yes if you are on that platform. For those who don't know how to install from pecl, you would need to execute:

     pecl install wxwidgets

If building from source the new config.m4 file will take care of downloading and building wxWidgets as linking statically to it, so after running phpize this will do:

    ./configure or ./configure --enable-wxwidgets-macosx

For more options don't forget to run ./configure --help

Binary Packages

Yet again, I haven't done any binary packages (lack of time), but when they are up you will find them in the downloads section. Automated windows dll builds  for this release (thanks to weltling) can be downloaded from:


 * Fixed wxInputStream::OnSysRead thanks to johannes from pecl. This
    functionality should be enough for loading images from phar files
    as described on issue #35.
* Moving mac process transformation code to wxEntry (chrisnharvey).
* Enabled some MacOSX specific wxApp virtual methods as requested by ydk2.
* Modified bool wxApp::OSXIsGUIApplication() to return true by
   default if no user space side function is found.
* Improved config.m4 and added initial support for macosx.
* Fixed some segfaults on macosx due to newly introduced wxApp
   virtual methods which may be called with an uninitialized phpobj.
* Added curl as another option to download wxWidgets from config.m4.
* Improved wxExecute function.
* Added macosx bundle icon.
* also search for wx-config-3.0 (remicollet)
* Type casted to void* on memcpy calls.
* Added tool to generate Mac OSX bundles of wxphp.
* Fixed mac osx segfault caused by incrementing the refcount on
   objects returned by static methods.
* Renamed xml_parser.php to json_generator.php.
* added the way to work with conflicting mode_t declaration needs
   some header in wx distro to be patched (weltling)
* Removed template.rc (weltling)