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Thanks a lot to PaulANormanNZ the one responsible for all the documentation available on the old wiki.


Using wxPHP

  • Introduction - Small tutorial on how to use wxPHP
  • Differences - Differences of wxPHP and wxWidgets
  • Roadmap - The current project goals (some parts outdated).

Building from source

In order to contribute to the project or help make packages for different distributions or operating systems you need to know first how to compile wxPHP.


  • Introduction - Declarations needed to auto-generate wxPHP extension code
  • Code Generator - How the code generator works
  • Binding Utility - Describes how to use the included binding GUI utility to bind more classes and methods selectively.

wxPHP Class Reference

To know which wxWidget components or classes are enabled on the wxPHP binding visit the reference pages this pages will be updated (regenerated) each time new classes are available to wxPHP.

Reference for older release is here.

wxWidgets Documentation

To get to know more about wxWidgets framework visit the official page

PHP Documentation

For reference and documentation of the PHP programming language visit

Other Resources

Beginners Tutorial

Procedural programming style using wxPHP by Dave Kimble

Mailing List

If you do not find what you are looking you can always ask by sending an e-mail to wxphp [at] googlegroups [dot] com Also you can navigate the list of current discussions by visiting:!forum/wxphp