[Note: some parts may be already implemented]

Basically these is what we are working on:
  • Bring more wxWidgets features to wxPHP binding to fulfill completeness
  • Better documentation and building instructions
  • Create PHP test scripts to ensure the extension is working correctly
  • Port wxWidgets examples to php or write our own set of good examples
  • Create windows installer
  • Create mac bundle (or some kind of installer)
  • Create deb packages for ubuntu
  • Check for memory leaks and possible causes of segmentation faults
  • Maybe, code generation that wraps template classes and method arguments

Development Roadmap

  • Implement __set to write to internal wxWidgets class properties.
  • Implement compare_objects handler for wxWidget classes that implement operator== etc...
  • Replace call_user_function_ex() with zend_call_method[_with_[1-3]_param[s] family of functions from zend_interfaces.h on virtual methods (Create Custom zend_method_call with arguments array support)
  • Use zend_parse_parameters_none() to produce a nicer error on methods/functions that dont accept parameters.
  • Don't use zend_error outside the engine, but use php_error_docref which gives a nicer error message.

Help is welcome on any of the subjects listed here. Check the downloads section for our github repository url.