Happy Christmas! Version Released

Created by: jgmdev
Date: 12/24/2012 @ 3:51:55 pm
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First of all Happy Christmas to all!

On the past days I took some time to make some builds with the most recent changes and tag them as on the github repository.

I added builds for Raspbian (the official linux distribution for the raspberry pi), Ubuntu 12.10 and Microsoft Windows (based on php 5.4.10). I would love to provide MacOSX builds, but haven't been able to create an installer (any help on this is highly appreciated).

The downloads as always are stored on sourceforge.net, you can access them by going to the downloads section or visiting our sourceforge site.

Here is a list of changes taken directly from the github repository:

  • Added template.rc that includes wxWidgets resources for windows build.
  • Fixed inno setup script.
  • Updated plain readme file with static linking details.
  • Updated readme with instructions on how to statically link with wxWidgets on Linux/MacOSX.
  • Fixed readme instructions to indicate that only 2.9.4 is tested and supported.
  • Regenerated source code to apply the fix for arguments type checking.
  • Fixed function/methods generation code to also check if the argument type is the same as original and not only a class that inherits from the original type.
  • Disabled wxNativeFontInfo methods: GetPixelSize and SetPixelSize, sintype is the same as original and not only a class that inherits from the original type.
  • Some fixes to README.md
  • Re-generated the code with warning message disabled for top level windows and more constants available like wxRAISED_BORDER.
  • Added gitignore file.
  • Now the code generator does not skip #defines that mirror an enum, like wxRAISED_BORDER mirrors wxBORDER_RAISED.
  • Commented out 'Remember to always call Destroy()' warning message.
  • Updated version information on template file.
  • Fixes to markdown readme file.
  • Added readme in mardown syntax for guthub.
  • Updated version number
  • Fix to webview example.
  • Fixed comctl32.dll 6.0 controls and theming issues (Thanks to Robin Dunn - wxPython)
  • Added path of extension as include path on config.w32 since php_wxwidgets.h wasnt been found by src files. Also added instructions of how to include wx.rc on php
  • Fix inheritance of wxGridCellFloatEditor
  • Fix Xor methods not renamed to XorMethod
  • Append word 'Method' to wxWidgets original method names like Clone, Exit, Print, Break, Xor and New so they dont conflict with PHP reserved keywords.
  • Interface generator now adds static keyword for static class methods.
  • Fix to interface generator to prevent re-declaration errors on interface file when wxwidgets extension is loaded from php.ini
  • New interface generator script to create a wxwidgets.php file that serves as a library to enable code completion on IDE's like Eclipse, NetBeans, etc...
  • Replaced usage of php resources with custom zend_object to store the native class, as other improvements.
  • Removed unneccesary files and updated TODO.
  • Moved php_wxwidgets.h and wxwidgets.cpp back to main directory to fix msw compilation issues. Some minor fixes to code generator.
  • Added wxStyledTextCtrl missing constants and modified styledtextctrl.php example to include PHP code coloring.
  • Fixed 3 memory leaks at wxEvtHandler::onEvent. Modified code generator to not replace source files if generated ones are identical in order for make to not recompile unneccesarily. Removed unused eventArray class property and onEvent from all classes except for wxEvtHandler.
  • Substitue call_user_function on virtual methods by custom zend_call_method to enable function pointer caching
  • Re-enable use of global object pointers instead of doing a full copy of them.

Again, happy holidays to all and Enjoy!