PHP Beyond the Web

Created by: jgmdev
Date: 03/02/2014 @ 8:41:39 pm
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While doing some casual reading at the news site slashdot, I stumbled at an article that got my attention titled "Free (Gratis) Version of Windows Could Be a Reality Soon". As always, the user comments are really fun to read so I was ready with my bag of popcorn for some action show. Many comments mentioned that it could be a strategy from Microsoft to compete with the rising start Chrome OS, also a way to steal some google search market by trying to reach more users with bing which would be shipped by default on the speculated free version of windows, with some special kind of browser or shell.

So as a google search user myself, I opened on my beloved firefox and gave it a try with the intention of comparing the accuracy of bing vs google using the term "wxphp". Bing results where pretty similar to those of google with the difference that results didn't got saturated with the site. After navigating various result pages I came across this german site which mentions a book that seems to include some pages about wxPHP so from this page I landed on what seems to be the official "PHP Beyond the Web" book's site. On the table of content wxPHP is listed on section 5.11, besides that I don't know which kind of information those pages hold since you have to buy the book to read it.

The table of contents of the book looks interesting and the whole idea of promoting PHP as more than a web language is what I have been preaching for. I was really excited to see that wxPHP was mentioned on a book that may help increase the reach of the project. The book also has pages for PHP-GTK and PHP-QT. PHP has come a long way since its first versions and it is now mature enough to be used for other stuff not involved with web programming at all.

I just hope for this PHP wxWidgets binding and every other binding that makes PHP more of a general purpose programming language to get better and better!

Update: I bought the book, will update this post again with my opinion of the book, but lurking at it has made me already really happy.