PEG a php extension generator

Created by: jgmdev
Date: 12/22/2012 @ 12:52:48 am
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Recently I started working on a generic extension generator for PHP based on the current wxphp one.

The actual wxphp generator was heavily modified by me from older versions to support many new features (like templates) as be more easy to work with. Still the code isn't friendly at all, but the task of updating the old generator served to understand better how things were been done, as learning how to develop PHP modules/extensions.

The idea of PEG is to create a code generator that can be used by anyone wanting to wrap a C/C++ library with minimum coding required.

The main features of the generator are going to be:

  • Clean code base in PHP for anyone to work with.
  • Import of definitions from Doxygen xml files to the json format used by the generator.
  • Extensible by writing plugins that can be placed on the root directory of the extension been developed.
  • Support of templates to modify the output code and config files.
  • Generation of code that supports wrapping C++ classes
  • Support for method and functions overloads.
  • Generation of documentation.

The image above is a logo we worked on :) We thought of many fun things but we just opted for a serious image after all ;)

If you are interested on the current status of PEG you can check the github repo at ->

Thats all for now, wishing to all a happy Christmas!