wxPHP using github

Created by: jgmdev
Date: 05/04/2012 @ 3:08:58 pm
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We are now using GIT to commit new code since it's much faster than SVN. Even when I'm working with a 3kb uploads connection git push is fast :) Thanks to RedTide from the wxFormBuilder team we have a new tree structure much cleaner than before.

The new github repository is located at: http://github.com/wxphp

I have enabled wxWebView and it's working as it should, the only difference from original wxWidgets implementation is that the static method New was renamed to NewObject since PHP complained about T_NEW (seems new is reserved even when using it as a static method name).

Some other changes include improvements to config files. The config.w32 was improved so that you can indicate the path where wxWidgets is installed as --with-wxwidgets=c:/wxWidgetsPath. This simplies the process, so it isn't needed to set environment variables pointing to wxwidgets anymore.

Also I added error messages to the end of methods, so that when calling an appropriate overload fails a message is displayed telling that wrong kind or count of parameters were passed.

That's all it came to my mind for now,
until the next one.