Windows Installer Released

Created by: jgmdev
Date: 05/15/2012 @ 7:50:54 pm
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We have put up a windows installer bundled with PHP 5.3.13, latest wxPHP, documentation, examples as other goodies. The installer has the option of associating .wxphp and .wxphpd extensions to open with the php interpreter. The .wxphp extensions open with wxphp-win.exe like stand alone desktop applications, while the .wxphpd extensions open with wxphp.exe (cli version of php) as console application in order to help you debug a script.

Check the downloads section for the new windows setup file.

New version Scheme

Started using a new version scheme (same used by wxPython) which indicates on which version is based wxPHP. The new version is where the first 3 digits 2.9.4 refer to the wxWidgets version and the last digit, in this case 0, refers to the build number or release of wxPHP. So in the future when new releases are done only the last number will change to indicate a new build, unless we use a new wxWidgets version.