Mac Version Working!

Created by: jgmdev
Date: 05/06/2012 @ 7:04:45 pm
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Today I took another try on building on mac and all went smoothly. The only issue was the windows not receiving keyboard input. So I started searching on internet for ways to solve the issue and found an article on stackoverflow that pointed how to solve the issue.

After integrating the code to fix and compiling all worked as it should, it made my day :D By the way, I added some screenshots

I have included some brief instructions on how to build on mac osx lion on the README file. The most recent changes are at

Lordgnu discovered a bug on windows causing the class selector to crash and it seems to happen the same on mac. It works as it should on linux so debugging would be needed on windows and mac osx.

I other news, I added generation of proto/documentation on top of each class method and functions so that php tools that use them could generate documentation directly from the source. For other changes check the github repo history.