Fixed MSW Linking Errors

Created by: jgmdev
Date: 04/29/2012 @ 3:03:25 am
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Finally the code links correctly on MSW, after trying a lot of different configuration on the config.w32 I was so exhausted that I decided that it couldn't be a problem with that file. Then I decided to take a better look to the linker error messages and redirected the output to a text file.

For my surprise almost all errors came from virtual methods, after taking a look at the classes.json I noted that all those methods were pure virtual and the code generator was trying to call the original method in the case the php user didn't provided one. This works well on virtual methods but not on pure virtual methods since it's mandatory to provide one, because a default one doesn't exists.

For a moment I felt like banging my head to the wall, but after taking a walk around the house I calmed down :D. Even after fixing the code generator to properly create code that handles pure virtual methods I got 6 linking errors, 3 of them were due to methods not implemented on the wxWidgets library and another 3 from log.h and marked as deprecated. They seemed to be implemented on log.cpp but still didn't worked.

In any case I just updated the README_MSW file with some instructions needed in order to bypass those linking errors. Yep, I was finally able to compile the thing. :D

With this experience I have learned some newer things and how to not make the same mistakes (I Hope). So finally the project can move forward, now some testing is needed on windows to see how it works.

Until the next one