NagsHead - Linux version

Published by: ayoung



After some serious refactoring, I "ported" the windose version to my Linux box ( ubuntu/xfce)

The "porting" consisted of copying the windose folder to my linux development directory and typing "php wxapp.php" :-))  and even this could be shortened if I wasn't too lazy to include a #! /usr/bin/env php line at the top of wxapp.php... actually, it is not laziness, I just don't like shebangs in my files - something to do with my childhood I guess :-)

Anyway, as you can see on the screenshot, there are a lot of new options and also a number of 'bots' for auto-trading - currently the 'dutching bot' is active.

In the next version I'll make the bots 'drop-list selectable', I've been too excited and wanted to use the app asap, so wasn't much concerned about this.

Currently the bot type and other options are read from/written to an ini file.

Although the app uses sqlite/mysql (or any other db for that matter as it uses PDO) an ini file is really convenient for quick hand editing and getting the "ball rolling" (the databases are still used for prices/race details etc and are at the heart of the 'model')

I had to shorten the option labels to something not "so obvious", unfortunately, otherwise they won't fit on a single line and I wanted everything "single click away" - don't fancy going through option dialogues...

The second screenshot lists some of the options currently used. With the autoAdvance option set, the app goes through all races one after the other (once the last race finishes/closes it goes on to the next one). This way the app can work all by itself, auto trading (iff enabled) and keeping a record of all races as they happen, with screenshots and all the shebangs :-)

There are a couple of problems though which are probably (hopefully) nothing to do with wxPHP:

1) The audible announcements (wav files) can't be heard,

2) for some reason the app is about 4 - 6 times slower than on windowse.

I can do without the wav files, however, the speed of the app on linux is not acceptable.

I'm not experienced enough to know if I'm supposed to 'nice/renice' up something or what so I'm gonna have to ask for 'professional' help :-))

Initially, I thought it was something to do with sqlite but even changing to mysql the speed did not improve so I'm kinda lost as to what the reason for this is...

Despite the speed problem, this project has been a very exciting and pleasant experience and I'm finally liberated from C/C++/Java etc

Life is good!