Fast software development for desktop applications

wxPHP stands for "wxwidgets for PHP" and it is a binding for the great cross-platform library wxWidgets used to develop GUI applications. With the power and flexibility that we have grow used to while developing for the web with PHP,  and the great wxWidgets framework, we are striking for simpler, easier, faster and fun experience when programing for the desktop.

With PHP native compilers on development like PHC, Roadsend, Facebook's HipHop and even Phalanger, PHP future looks more brilliant than ever.

To assist on the development of Graphical user interfaces, php code generation support on wxFormBuilder has been implemented to facilitate the design of windows with less coding effort. To get the wxFormBuilder latest builds that include support for PHP visit the download section.

We hope you like this and start exploring the new possibilities that wxPHP could bring to the table.

the wxPHP Team