wxPHP Class Reference

wxPHP is a binding to the popular framework wxWidgets with the purpose of bringing crossplatform GUI desktop applications development for PHP. In other words wxPHP stands for "wxwidgets for PHP".

On this pages you will find reference for classes that has been implemented, and which methods are available on the wxPHP binding. Is really important to notice that when a class implements another one all the enabled methods from the implemented class will be also available to the derived class.

This pages are not a tutorial on how to use wxWidgets. It is just a reference auto-generated from the json files used by the code generator to keep track of the classes implemented on the binding, to let you know what you can, and can not do with wxPHP at the moment. For a complete reference of wxWidgets please refer to the official documentation site at http://www.wxwidgets.org/docs

We are working on enabling most of the functionality that wxWidgets has on wxPHP.